Tribal Approval Logs




1.   2017 Arizona Tribal Approval Logs

2.   2018 Oklahoma Tribal Approval Logs

3.   2017 South/North Dakota Tribal Approval Logs




blebul1a   Note:  These Log files are cumulated tribal approval logs, that is, it contains all updated approvals for all current ones and those in the past. In case, if it is necessary to contact with persons who are responsible for tribal approval issues for each site. The following are the related contact information copied from “SHS Publication and Presentation Policy and Forms” web page at Please go to this page for details or any further questions.


IHS IRB and tribal approvals: The primary author will first send the paper to the co-authors for their input. All Strong Heart Study manuscripts must have IHS IRB and tribal approvals. When the primary author feels the paper is ready for IHS IRB and tribal review, he/she should submit required files to the contact person of each of the three field centers (see below) with the clear designation that the paper is being sent for IHS IRB and tribal review.

            Files needed for obtaining IHS IRB and tribal approval: 1) an early version of the manuscript, 2) a lay summary that includes a sentence indicating the time of data collection (SHS study phases), and 3) the name of the intended journal. The three field centers will process the IHS IRB and tribal review within 90 days. Contact information:


1) Dakota Center:                     Wendy Lawrence, R.N.

                                                     Strong Heart Study

                                                     Missouri Breaks Industries Research, Inc.

                                                                   118 S. Willow Street

                                                                   PO Box 1824

          Eagle Butte, SD 57625

                                                     Phone:   (605) 964-1260

                                                     Fax:        (605) 964-1263



2) Oklahoma Center:                Ying Zhang, M.D., Ph.D.

                                                     Univ of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

                                                     801 N.E. 13th Street, Room 303

                                                     Oklahoma City, OK 73104

                                                     Phone:   (405) 271-2229 x48073

                                                     Fax:        (405) 271-4390



3) Arizona Center:                     Cynthia West

                                                     MedStar Health Research Institute

                                                     1616 East Indian School Rd., Suite 240

                                                     Phoenix, AZ 85016

                                                     Phone:   (602) 526-1110

                                                     Fax:        (602) 277-5979







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